Our Story

Born from the desire to show her children how to look out at the world, see pain and then do something about it, Erica Jones founded this organization from her home in 2013.  Her mission was simple: find a family that needs some joy over the holidays and create that through art, decor and design.  The results were amazing – the community embraced the concept, lives were touched and Sunshine Spaces was born.

Since then, Sunshine Spaces has created over fifty dream rooms and responded to national crisis relief efforts in hurricane disaster zones.  In 2019, the team heads to Zimbabwe, Africa to build a community center for the children of Aberdeen village and complete much-needed repairs to the school.  This mission kicks off the “Love More Campaign” and will continue to grow in projects locally, nationally and overseas.

The heart of everything Sunshine Spaces is that we have each being given gifts and our mission is to use to them to show up and show love to those that need it the most.

When you cannot find the sunshine

BE the Sunshine!

Sunshine Spaces is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to connecting our community.

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